Top Single Parenting Blogs

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Congratulations to all of our winners. The Single Parenting section was by far our biggest section with 32 recipients. The reason that we chose so many winners in this category was simply because there are so many incredible blogs and websites dedicated to Single Parenting. From experiential blogs, to resource driven websites, to collaborative sites, each of the sites listed below has an interesting and unique perspective on Single Parenting. We have blogs written by both men and women, and people of all races and religions.

The 2013 Five Diamond Top Single Parenting Blogger Winners:

Not Super Mum
She may not be Supermum, but she’s super-entertaining and certainly offers sage advice about raising children on your own. From managing money to dispensing wisdom on how to make it through the dark days (as well as enjoying the sunny ones), Not Supermum deservedly takes the top spot in the parenting category. As a bonus there are recipes and party tips for tight budgets, and after flipping through her posts about the highs and lows of single parenting, there’s a lovely, scenic garden section to relax in. Useful, supportive, encouraging—and she uses the phrase “I’m chuffed.” What more could you ask for?

Surviving and Thinking
Surviving and Thriving is a great blog to read about a variety of topics, from finance to travel. Best yet, the author of the blog, Donna Freedman, writes posts that are special and unique, keeping readers interested with her poetic and beautiful style. This blog is perfect for those looking for a broader view of Single Parenting including forays into to saving money and traveling in America.

Something Undone
It can be hard to find blogs that are catered to men who are trying to piece together their lives as single fathers. Something Undone is a fun resource that highlights the life of a father who has a great sense of humor and lends valuable insight into day-to-day life. The blog is humorous yet touching to see how to be a dad (single or not).

2 Peas in the Pod
The blog 2 Peas in the Pod is written by a widowed mother of two twin girls. Although she struggles with grief and staying connected to her husband’s family, she maintains a positive outlook on life. The blogger shares moments of both sorrow and happiness with her readers, and never gives up no matter what life throws at her. This blog manages to be touching, sad, and uplifting all at once.

P.S. I Love You
Chelsea, the writer of the blog P.S. I Love You, is a widowed mother of two. She lost her husband over four years ago and still struggles with the loss, but uses her blog as a form of communicating with the memory of him. In her blog, she writes about raising her two young girls, the battles widowed mothers face every day, and the blessings life still brings. Hers is a unique blog of hope.

Follow Sassafrass and remember your innate talents as a single mom. Always a wellspring of inspiration and information, this blog has timely content on all things parenting, culture and current events. The blog is also a wealth of information and content with videos and downloadable guides to boot. Follow this blog and get sassy too, one post as a time.

Creating Motherhood
Motherhood is both a wonderful mystery and an often exhausting experience that is best meant to be shared on sites such as Creating Motherhood. This well-crafted blog covers a wide range of issues exclusively from the perspective of an actual mother going through the same life adventure as her primary audience. This particular adventure ends up focusing on deep cultural events and trends just often as it does the one on one relationship of child and mother.

Scoops of Joy
If you are looking for a blog with a global perspective from a single mom, the comments on Scoops Of Joy will enlighten and encourage you. Maureen lives in Jakarta and has a son that is six years old. With an range of eclectic interests and insights, Maureen provides a unique view of life and living. She sees life as a journey and focuses on finding joy in each day. The best part of this blog is the robust community that comments, encourages and shares with each post.

Back to Allen
Share the blog experience that is short, sweet and yet full of depth and compassion. Lisa Allen sees mega reasons and triumphant lessons in the simplest situations. Analytical and energetic, she cares and sets an example. She can cram a heart load into a paragraph, and draw your emotions right up out of your socks! One single, adorable woman that does the job of five! A single mom, nuff said.

Only Parent Chronicles
Only Parent Chronicles is a blog written by a single woman who also happens to be a mother of two. She speaks her mind about parenting by explaining the differences between single parenting and only parenting. Kristin writes about everything from movie recommendations to her adventures in cooking.

The Sisterhood of Spiritual Single Moms
The Sisterhood Of Spiritual Single Moms is a blog about the life of being a single mother and the questions that are considered during that walk. She discusses various things about life including random questions that others might not ask and special events in her lifetime. This blog does an excellent job of reflecting on significant events in a engaging manner. It’s a great read for any single parent.

Not your Average Single Mama
What a fantastic daily account of a mom searching for greater notoriety and an uncompromising love for her children and state of being. Although she can be vulgar, she is always truthful, smart, and has a thumb on what people want to hear. Single Mama is an uber-force in niche blogging! She’s the perfect combo of cutesy and bombastic appeal.

Captial City Mama
Capital City Mama is written by a mother living in Columbus, Ohio. Featuring fun blog are recipes that your children will love, such as pumpkin cookies, strawberry muffins, and triple chocolate cookies, the blog is a great resource for activities. Furthermore, the blog has a wealth of book reviews and recommendations. Dot go to with reviewing this blog first!

Sunshine on My Shoulder
Sunshine On My Shoulder is a blog about blended families and the importance of being together. The author is a step-mom who talks about the love shared between her and her husband as well as the bond between her and her step-children. She also addresses the struggles that blended families face in a compelling and humanizing way. As she journeyed from an unhappy life as a married stay-at-home mom to a much more independent woman she shared her experiences along the way. From co-parenting to seeking help for depression, the post of this blog are engaging, readable and highly entertaining.

Overthinking Mama
Overthinking Mama is a blog about one woman’s life as a single parent and also focuses on her interests and other activities as well. She blogs about her Christian faith, about current events in her life, and about her family. One particularly interesting post was about her big brother and how the family has coped with his autism. This splendid blog is simply a joy to read!

Living Because I Didn’t Die details the life of a singe mom who was widowed and then found love again. Her family, personal journey and travels are covers in this blog. Perhaps most compelling is her travel writing, which can make you feel like you’ve been on a relaxing vacation, even if your stuck in your living room reading the blog! The author also has a passion for photography, which she demonstrates throughout her site.

I Used to Have Hair
A modern day Brady Bunch, I Used to Have Hair is a refreshingly earnest blog written by a single dad of two. Topics covered include Pop Culture Fitness, Divorce, and of course Love, Parenting and; but the memorable manner each post is written makes this blog so quotable.

One Breath at a Time
Those who find comfort in others will likely find solace in this wonderful blog written by a middle aged Texas woman who has been through quite a bit and is still keeping a smile on her face. Originally started as a humorous chronicle of her life with six children, the blog took a turn when she lost her husband suddenly. Today it is a place of strength as she continues to count her blessings and look towards the future. This blog shows other widowed mothers that there are others that you can connect with and that you are not alone. Also included is a memorial to her husband and links to beautify glass art. This blog is a compelling read.

Single Parent Dad
As the name of the blog implies, Single Parent Dad is written by a single dad. His wife passed away suddenly in 2005 leaving him as a single parent to a seven month old son. The blog is a way to share their experiences since losing his wife to encourage others in similar situations. This blog is an inspiring example of how a single parent can overcome the obstacles and enjoy the process of parenting.

The blogs of EvilFlu are about the relationship between a mother and child. The author writes about why they are best friends as well as the first time her son goes away on a bus with a group of children. She also blogs about things that her son draws and events in the life of the family. Although this is a very personal blog, its message of friendship and family are universal.

Desperately Seeking Me
Desperately Seeking Me is a former single mom’s thoughts and feelings about the journey life have brought her through. She explains how her former marriage went wrong. How she brought herself through the heartache of her former marriage, found herself, parented her children and found the love of her life. Additionally, she provides great insight about the about the fun and trials of being mother to three kids with a new one on the way!

Crunchy Green Mom
Crunchy Green Mom is the recorded ideas and opinions of a loving mother of six. This mom works full time, writes her blogs, does product reviews and still has time to volunteer while taking care of her six children. The author explains about different products she has used in home and for cooking, while offering honest reviews on how well that product works. She additionally talks about the fun of raising her children and different crafts and projects that she does with them.

And Mommy Makes 3
This blog is about the lives of two absolutely, adorable and happy four-year-old twin boys, Corwyn and Nathan. The blogger is the very proud, single mother who presents a lot of pictures and short videos showing off the boys, just doing what two little boys do. This blog is a must read for any parent of twins. It highlights the very unique bond that twins have.

Secret Diaries of a Wannabe Yummy Mammy
Single moms will love reading the content of Yummy Mammy. This content blends a variety of self motivated words that are sure to help out women when they need it most; but also give basic hints and insight into living life more happily and productively. Those who are looking to find reassurance in how hard they work as a single mom, will truly enjoy keeping up on this blog.

Bubble Gum on my Shoe
Bubble Gum On My Shoe is a blog about the struggles that occur during life, and all of the sticky situations that people can encounter. Some of these include posts about finding love again after divorce, information about autism and other serious problems. There are many different topics about things like having to go to rehab, writing a book and other interesting posts.

Life With Eliza Grace
Life With Eliza Grace is an incredibly inspiring about a special needs child. Eliza Grace has had a very rough, medically-challenging beginning of her life. However, she is now thriving in her school environment. The blog discusses different aspects of her life and the challenges she faces from special education to IEPs to school life in general. The beginning of the blog showcases some of her wonderful art projects!

Suddenly *Not So* Single Journey
The Suddenly * Not So * Single blog is a wide ranging blog that contains a lot of different posts about popular books. There are excerpts from many different books about romance and relationships, and some giveaways and contents as well. The blog is extremely well written, and perhaps best of all, it offers a whimsical Glossary of parenting term, sure to make any exasperated parent laugh.

The Megalomaniac Mommy
This blog serves as a great resource for both seasoned and new parents. Lots of helpful material to read regarding things that happen in life with our children. Medications needed, cool baby stuff, and much more. Plenty of giveaways also. This site can help with pretty much anything you have going on as a parent. Its always nice to be able to see things in real life, so the videos are a real plus.

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