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Finding the best blogs on the internet that deal with the being a widower wasn’t easy, but it was incredibly rewarding. The thread that runs through all of these blogs is the bravery and resiliency in the human spirit. In the face of adversity, of loss, and of pain, all of these blogs and all of these bloggers display a courage that is inspiring to read about.
At its best the internet has the power to bring people together and offer a sense of community. These blogs represent the internet at its finest, as a valuable resource for people to communicate, learn, and relate to others as we all explore the human condition.

The Five Diamond Top Widower Blogger Winners:

With Swallows Wing
This peaceful, reflective blog is the creation of Erin, a mother, grad student and photographer who became a widow at 25 when her husband was killed in Afghanistan. Comprised of personal revelations, a 101 things to do bucket list, and daily musings that look life in the eye and see the good in it, With Swallows Wings is a quiet reminder to appreciate every hour and minute that ticks by. It’s amazing how Erin’s posts about her memories and milestones create such a sense of intimacy and comfort.

The Alchemy of Loss
Eye catching, breath taking, and inspirational all at the same time! The posts on this site come from a widow and are all about life experiences. The author draws you into the blog with detailed posts that are expertly written and emotional. Journeying thought life with a widow can be challenging, but it is rewarding, and that is exactly the emotional roller-coaster you go through when reading this blogs. There are lots of great stories to read, and the writing is excellent. The advice column is also a perk and very informative.

A New Beginning… A New Destiny
A Long Widowed Road may initially come across as a religious blog, but it is actually a deeply personal journey. The fact that the author tends to seek wisdom in the pages of the good book is secondary to her unique talent to apply the biblical texts to real life situations. It is the greatest of compliments to state that this blog manages to focus just as sharply on local events as it does on global concerns with equal moral fortitude.

Widow’s Voice
Widow’s Voice is a very encouraging blog with purpose. This blog houses posts by seven widowed people, allowing them to come together with their seven unique perspectives to unite around one topic. The goal of this blog is to tell other widows that they are not alone. There is something very unique and reassuring about getting seven different perspectives about being a widow in one place. All of the contributors are excellent writer, and there is a deeply cathartic aspect to seeing the writing of multiple widowed individuals in one website.

On My Own Blog
On My Own is a heartwarming and aesthetically pleasing blog created by a woman named Michelle. After the loss of her husband, but she realized that her life still has to move forward, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable tragedy. Michelle is starting her whole life over complete with a new business and home. She uses her blog to vent as well as inspire and uplift others that may be going through hard times.

Life as a Widower
Life Of A Widower is a helpful blog for men who have lost their significant other for natural or tragic reasons. In a story that made national news, Ben Dutton tells readers of the story of losing his wife, raising their child, and how he is living life as a widower. The blog has wonderful articles that show about personal commitment and expressing love for those around you. It’s hard to describe a blog about losing the love of your life as a ‘feel good blog’, but this site is definitely uplifting.

Andrea Remembers
The blog Andrea Remembers is about the things that the author doesn’t want to forge, even as her life moves forward. She lives with her two children, and had a husband who sadly died several years ago. The blog includes posts about her and her children, and covers all aspects of their lives from mundane, like where they are living and going to school, to the more spiritual and seminal moments in their lives.

Matt, Liz and Madeline
Matt Logelin’s blog is a heartfelt recollection of his life as a single father. Matt tells his heart wrenching account of how he lost his wife Liz shortly after she delivered their first and only child together named Maddie. He tells his story in a very real way that parents everywhere can relate to. Logelin’s story is one of pain, loss, inspiration, and love. This blog represents the true human spirit, the desire to overcome advisory, and to inspire others.

Everyday Kings
Sometimes after heartbreak a rebirth is possible with faith in God and a higher purpose, and this is the sole focus of the heartwarming blog Everyday Kings. Originally created to share family activities, the blog took a new focus with the sudden loss of the authors husband to heart disease. However, this brave mom put her faith in God and found a new partner to move forward with and today she considers herself blessed as she continues to grieve, heal, and enjoy life.

Wife [widow] of a Wounded Marine
Widow Of A Wounded Marine chronicles the grief of a widowed woman. The blogger’s marine husband was hit by an IED in Iraq. She writes of hospital visits, as well as her husband’s pill addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. She also writes of moving on and living her life to the fullest by attending college, working on getting her real estate license, and working on a memoir. This blog is compelling and informative, but as the story of a woman as she manages through life’s travails, and as a story for our times, about the true cost of war.

Single Parent Dad
A father raising his son on his own after his wife suddenly died years ago writes Single Parent Dad. He shares the parenting problems he has been through, their day-to-day life and asks thought provoking questions about parenting and how to be the model parent for your child in the modern day world. This dad discloses the hard times and questions he has of his self and the good times he has with his son.

A Little Pink In a World of Camo
A Little Pink In A World Of Camo is a blog written by a woman who refers to herself as Mrs. P. She lost her husband in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2010, but do not call her a war widow, because she dismisses it quickly by saying she is married to an angel. Mrs. P is now a single mother to a beautiful baby girl.

Letters To You
Letters To You is a heartwarming blog that is written and maintained by young women who lost her husband in Afghanistan. The blog begins as a tell-all of losing her husband to war, but continues to become more lighthearted as she learns to live again. Her insight and strength to rebuild is inspirational and especially helpful for those with loved ones serving in the military.

Widows Don’t Wear Black
Widows Don’t Wear Black is a mom’s way of venting and explaining her frustrations at what happened when her husband suddenly died, how she is working her way through it and how she is slowly discovering new joy and learning about a new future with their two little girls. Nicola tries to keep in her frustrations, yet falls apart at rare times as she is still struggling to learn how to continue and enjoy the happiness she sometimes feels as life goes on since she lost her husband.

Fresh Widow
Fresh Widow is a blog written by a remarried widow and mother to a young child. In writing about her loss and experience as a widow, this blogger is fresh and honest about her own reinvention in the wake of the devastating loss of her husband.

A Myeloma Widow’s Journey
The blog A Myeloma Widows Journey is a positive look at things to do after a loved one has passed on. It is full of links for support groups to help others in similar situations, and provides a reason to go on living. People experience the stages of grief at different times, but for those looking for things to do to fill the days and lessen the pain, this is an excellent read.

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