Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

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What to Consider when Trading Up your Original Engagement Ring for a New Ring

You may have promised to love your spouse for better or worse when you got married, but did you promise to love your ring? Many women don’t, of course, and more and more wives are heading to jewelers to upgrade or trade up their original engagement ring for a new one…with the blessing of their husbands. If this is something that you are thinking about, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind throughout the process.

First of all, you want to make sure that you are going to the right jeweler. You want to see someone who has a solid reputation and someone who has a range of styles to choose from. You may want to upgrade the ring you have or you might want to design a whole new ring. Whatever you do, make sure you are seeing a jeweler who is up for the job. Some jewelers are now offering credit on a new ring when you turn in the old one or a percentage off if you buy both the engagement ring and the new ring from the same business. That being said, most women doing this have been married from 8 to 15 years at this point, so they cannot take advantage of all of these deals.

The other thing that you should remember, if you choose to trade up your original engagement ring for a new one, is to have your husband’s blessing. After all, when he chose that ring for you, he probably went through a lot. You can also incorporate elements from the old ring into the new ring, like taking the diamond and placing it in a new setting. This way, you can get your new ring but keep the sentiment that came with the old.

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