What Is A Cubic Zirconia

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Cubic zircona has been competing with diamonds since 1976. Anyone looking at a cubic zirconia would have a hard time differentiating it from a real diamond. This cubic crystalline has no color, is flawless and tough. Whereas diamonds always carry a flaw.Since it can be bought at a low cost, it is very popular.It can be cut in faceted shapes and weighs 1.7 more times than a diamond.

the cubic zircona is made by man. It is a synthetic diamond. Therefore, it requires quality care. In order, for the cubic zircona to keep its beauty nd radiance for years it must be cleaned regularly with soap or warm water and a little dish detergent.

The properties of the cubic zircona depends on the formula of the manufacturer. Therefore, it can be bought in different variations.The stone usually gives off a yellowish-green to gold color.

the properties of the cubic zirconia depends on the formula used by the manufacturer.
Therefore, it can be found in different variations. This stone usually gives off a yellowish-green to gold color. One of the reasons this stone is so well liked is because of the dispersion. Dispersion is the clor given off by the mineral,giving it a prism color reflection. the cubic zircona has more brilliance of color then the diamond.Also, the gemstone can reduce the rate of heat transfer making it a thermal insulator.

If you would like a diamond and don’t have diamond money then the cubic zirconia is your next best choice.It has been proven many times over that the jewelers cannot tell the difference from cubic zirconia or a real diamond by observing it with the naked eye.