What Is A Diamond Cutlet

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The diamond’s (say que-let) cutlet is the sharp or blunted point at the bottom of the diamond and it can be various sizes. In other words, the cutlet is simply part of the diamond. A cutlet is designed to protect the diamond’s upper parts and some diamonds do not have cutlet. The practice of cutting a cutlet is also used on colored stones. Each diamond cutlet is rated according to the size of the diamond. The cutlet gives the diamond a better appearance. When you purchase a diamond, the store sales person should be able to tell you the size of the cutlet. Try to obtain as much information as you can from the sales person about cutlet diamonds.

A diamond’s table which is the large flat surface of the diamond is parallel to the cutlet which is at the bottom of the diamond. If you are planning on purchasing a cutlet diamond, try to get a gemological diamond certification report. Keep in mind that your cutlet diamond will sparkle and reflect light if it is cut properly. However, if the diamond looks dark or has an unusual light reflection, it means that the cutlet may have been poorly cut. Cutlet diamonds are very expensive so make sure you do your homework before you make the purchase. You can also purchase a diamond buying guide that will inform you about how to buy diamonds with cutlets. This type of guide is good for comparing diamonds and for selecting the right diamond cutlet.