What is a Wedding Ring?

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History of the Wedding Ring:

Some sources like the origins of the modern wedding ring to the Egyptian civilization that sprang up around the Nile River. Eventually as the tradition of a ring to symbolize marriage spread, and as metals replaced more organic, and less permanent materials, the ring took a more significant legal role. While the rings materials and role was evolving, it is societal and economic importance, mostly as a status symbol was evolving as well. Rings began to be made out of more precious metals, and in medieval Europe, stones began to become more common in rings, including rubies and diamonds.

Modern Wedding Rings

Most modern wedding rings are designed as a simple unadorned ring. It is common for men and women to have matching wedding rings, or wedding bands, but in our estimation, that practice reached its peak in the mid 1970’s and is not nearly as prevalent as it once was. Other wedding rings which are somewhat common are rings that envelope an engagement ring, usually these rings include smaller stones in the design. Another tradition that seems more popular during recessions is to skip the wedding ring all together and just use the engagement ring during the ceremony. None of these practices are right or wrong, just different.

What is the Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring?

In reality the only difference between a wedding and an engagement ring is what YOU decide to call it, or when YOU decide to use it in the engagement / marriage process. Most often though, if someone calls a ring an engagement ring it is diamond ring and a wedding ring is often just a simple band, or a band with stones inlayed, but not a solitaire. It is quite common for a woman to have the rings soldered together, as this can help preserve them especially if they are made of high quality gold, so the discussion becomes academic at that point, since they are both one ring.

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