What is an Engagement Ring?

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Depending on who you ask an engagement ring can be any number of things, from an understated diamond solitaire to an ornate muti-stone ring.

History of the Engagement Ring

Dating back to ancient times, the ring is a long standing symbol of love everlasting. Unlike today’s common precious metal ring adorned by a diamond, in ancient Rome, an iron band was common. It has been reported that the Diamond ring dates back to around 1600 AD. The practice of giving a diamond ring to signify an engagement spread in prevalence as wealth of nations and the middle class emerged. The industrial revolution is often pointed to as a turning point in the practice.

Modern Engagement Rings

Most modern engagement rings are designed in a solitaire pattern. Even if there are baguettes or pave surrounding the ring, it is most commonly built around one center stone. A less similar design involves three diamonds, of equal size or even a 2 trillion cut diamonds surrounding a center stone. In decades past it was more common to find a wedding ring with other types of stones accompanying the diamond, such as sapphires or rubies, but we have noticed the most modern rings have diamonds as the only stone on the ring.

Trends in Engagement Rings

As we wrote above, it is most common for contemporary engagement rings to have one major diamond as the centerpiece of the ring, but we have noticed some interesting trends in the metal that are commonly used in rings. Platinum became very popular in the 1990’s, and about the same time, white gold picked up a little bit of popularity as well. Gold of all different carat purities is always a standard, but it is less and less common to see a design engraved into the outside of the ring. That questionable trend seemed to have peaked in the 1970’s.

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