What is Estate Jewelry ?

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In its most basic form, estate jewelry is simply any kind of jewelry that had a previous owner. However, the most common usage of the term of estate jewelry is to refer to jewelry that is meant to serve as a family heirloom, an investment, and a way of banking assets. The value of jewelry depends on the age, history, quality, and designer of the particular piece.

The first thing that allows a piece of estate jewelry to meet this definition is the overall price of the jewelry. The jewelry is meant to have as high of a value as possible. A smaller family may own a piece of estate jewelry that can be sold for a couple of thousand dollars. However, a more wealthy family may own pieces of estate jewelry that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. The major advantage of having valuable pieces of jewelry is that they can be used as a way of protecting a family’s wealth in the event that the rest of their assets are suddenly reduced in value. Estate jewelry can even be used as a means of putting down collateral for the purposes of securing a loan. Because estate jewelry allows you to simply hand over the items to a lender, it means that it serves as one of the best forms of collateral.

The second major advantage of estate jewelry is that it is meant to serve as an investment. Estate jewelry will generally increase in value with the rate of inflation. In addition, it will sometime beat the amount of inflation, and can suddenly increase in value based upon market forces. One of the best things about jewelry is that it is a countercyclical investment. This means that it will increase in value during times of economic distress. This allows for jewelry to be used to make up for losses that occurred as the result of an economic downturn, or to serve as a way of banking money during hard economic times.

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