What Jewelry Says About Your Career

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When a woman finds success at work, it is only natural that she would want to show off the fruits of all of her hard work. This does not make her vain or narcissistic. After all, no one would accuse a confident man of being too showy about his hard-earned success. It takes a long time to save up for new houses and cars, but a woman can start showing indicators of her rising career trajectory by upgrading her wardrobe, paying close attention to her jewelry in particular.

Statement pieces are the hallmarks of every good career woman. A large, noticeable necklace tells the world that the wearer has the money to invest in a sizable investment piece. The implications go further, since a memorable piece of jewelry cannot be worn too often without drawing attention to how frequently it is worn. By wearing a statement necklace, a woman is indicating that she has the money to spend on multiple large pieces of jewelry to be worn on different days.

The same logic can be applied to bracelets. Delicate charm bracelets should be set aside for social engagements, as should anything that reads as being too of-the-moment. Career women favor tasteful chain bracelets of medium width. They should be made of real silver or gold; affluent women can always tell imitation precious metals from the real thing.

Rings are a bit of a minefield in the workplace. The typical office is full of young women brandishing their shiny new engagement rings; this is a marker of social status and desirability that, in their minds, has to be earned. Other types of rings must be small, unobtrusive and, most importantly, not worn on the ring finger.

The proper deployment of office-friendly jewelry is an indication of how well a woman fits into her workplace culture. Using these tips in one’s social life is a good way of signalling that she has a good job and can afford to treat herself well, so other people better treat her well too.

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