What Jewelry to Take on a Summer Vacation

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Fashion lovers spend all year waiting for warm summer weather. After months of having their clothing choices determined by inclement weather, nothing feels more gratifying than finally being able to wear whatever one wants. By discarding jackets, scarves and gloves, fashionistas are making more room for accessories. Vacations seem like ideal times to show off one’s stylishness, since the very idea of going on vacation is fancy and luxurious. Going on a trip automatically inspires the desire to wear extravagant amounts of baubles and jewels.

As with all aspects of packing, one must use discretion when choosing jewelry to bring on a summer vacation. Inexpensive costume jewelry does not feel right for special events, but it is unwise to go in the other direction and travel with one’s most expensive pieces. Most importantly, the jewelry that is packed should be pieces that will actually be worn. Stylish women tend to go overboard when they pack, bringing along multiple options in anticipation of attending different types of events. Versatility is key when selecting travel-friendly jewelry.

A good starting point is to plan complete outfits ahead of time, ideally comprised of different combinations of a few basic garments. Once the outfits are set in stone, it becomes easier to select the accessories that will be worn with them. As a general rule, it is a good idea to bring along just one of each type of accessory. This means choosing one pair of sunglasses that will be worn every day, as well as two or three necklaces of varying lengths that look distinctly different from each other. Long necklaces are great warm weather choices, as they hang comfortably and can be easily removed. Turquoise and silver capture the spirit of summer, especially if vacationer is going to the beach.

No trip is complete without souvenirs, and a fashion lover would not want to deprive herself of the need to purchase some new jewelry to remind her of her time away from home. She should leave extra room in her suitcase in the event that she brings new clothing and accessories home with her.

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