What Jewelry to Wear to the Beach

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When you go to the beach, you might want to wear some kind of jewelry so that it matches your bathing suit, but you shouldn’t wear several pieces as you will end up with tan lines on the wrists, ankles and other areas where you wear jewelry. There are some pieces that are better to wear than others. Plastic is a better choice in material than metal. When the metal is heated by the sun, it could burn the skin.

You can often find designs that look more like beach decorations in plastic than you can in metal, such as seashell bracelets and ankle bracelets.

As you choose the jewelry that you wear, you want to find something that is waterproof. If you want something that will shimmer in the water, then consider something with a little glitter or a piece that has a shine painted on the surface. A simple necklace or bracelet is ideal for wearing to the beach or sitting around the pool. Rings are another popular item for the beach. Make sure you have something on that is secure so that it doesn’t come off while you are in the water or playing in the sand.

Neon colors add a pop of color while in the water, and they will stand out in the sun. Avoid jewelry that is made of precious stones and silks as the salt water can ruin the appearance. A colorful large plastic bracelet with a small pair of earrings is ideal for wearing with a sundress, bathing suit or other clothing items that you wear while at the beach.

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