What to do When You Lose One Earring

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If you wear earrings on a regular basis you’ve almost certainly experienced this dilemma at least once. In fact, you might actually have a small collection of mismatched loners hidden away in a drawer somewhere. While losing an earring isn’t as traumatic as loosing and iPhone (trust me, I know from experience), it still presents a problem. The solution however, depends on the scale of the problem.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself three questions:

1) How much is the lost earring worth?
Was the earring extremely expensive, or did it have emotional significance?

2) How hard is it to replace the lost earning?
How much time and effort would it take to replace the lost earring with a new one?

3) How often do I loose important things?
If this is a regular occurrence, you might want to take more drastic measures, like replacing all of your remaining earrings with screw-backs. If you rarely loose earrings (or other important things for that matter) take a deep breath and realize that from time to time these things happen. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

If the lost earring is was valuable, you have no doubt already conducted an intensive and lengthy search to no avail. Now you must decide what to do with the remaining earring, and there are several possible options available.

Not an Earring, but Still Jewelry

The most likely destination of a solo earring is a sad trip to your collection of jewelry odds and ends. But if the earring contains a valuable stone such as a diamond or is made of some precious metal, you do have more productive options. Have the precious stone removed and reset into a ring or the drop of a pendant or bracelet, or melt down the metal and have it cast as a charm. Anything is better than letting a nice piece site un-used.

Three is Better Than Two

Purchase another pair that matches the remaining earring. This might seem like a whimsical answer, but it they are earrings you wear on a regular basis, this offers an informal insurance policy for the next time you lose one of the earrings. If you would rather not have that expense, you could offer the remaining earring for sale since some people only wear one at a time. This option puts a little cash in your pocket so you could purchase a new pair.

Get Creative

People who wear earrings these days do so in multiple ways, so if your remaining earring is a stud you could get an additional piercing and wear it in addition to a complimentary pair. There are no specific rules for earring fashion these days, offering an option to coordinate your lone earring with another that is similar in color and size to wear as a pair.

Don’t Overreact, and Don’t Throw the Survivor Away

Hopefully our three questions have helped you put your loss in perspective, and we have offered you some good solutions, but we have one last piece of advice. Do not throw the remaining earring away. You just never know when the missing earring is going to reappear. Stay optimistic and plan for success. Save the solo earring and if you do find the missing one, you can reunite them with each other, and your ears!

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