What Types Of Diamonds Go In Earrings

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Diamond earrings are very beautiful and are often given as gifts. That is why you will want to choose the best ones. There are eight different cuts of diamonds that are placed in diamond earrings.

The most popular one is the round cut diamonds. These are designed to look sharp. It also allows the light to bounce around because of the way that it is cut which creates a dazzling look. Another one that is gaining a lot of popularity is the princess cut. These are usually a square cut.

The emerald cut or stair cut is also very fashionable. It is usually more expensive to buy this type because the diamond has to be absolutely perfect because if it is not, it will be quite noticeable. The triangle or trilliant cut usually have either pointed or rounded corners. These, too, are very expensive.

The oval cut is similar to the round cut but it is more oval shaped. The marquise cut is the type of diamond that goes with tradition. These are long and oval shaped with pointed ends that are tapered.

There is also the pear shaped diamonds which are a combination of the marquise and the oval shaped cuts. These resemble a teardrop and are very common. One of the most romantic types of diamonds is the heart shaped diamonds. These are the same cut as a pear shaped diamond but with a cleft in the cut. These are very hard to cut. When buying this cut, it is important to inspect it closely for flaws.