Sell a Canadian Diamond Ring

Canadian Diamonds
A little over twenty years ago, Canadians discovered large fields of diamonds lay beneath their territories. Environmentally friendly mining of these diamonds began in the 1990s. Despite the care that must be taken to remove these diamonds in an ecologically ethical manner that meets with Canada’s strict policies, the harvest has been unexpectedly plentiful. Canada is now the third largest producer of diamonds in the world, when gaged by value, and it’s possible they haven’t reached maximum potential yet.

Canadian diamonds are vastly different from other diamonds in that they’re responsibly mined. Unlike diamonds mined in Africa, Russia, Botswana, and elsewhere, buyers can be assured that those certified as Canadian are truly conflict free stones. To bar any potential confusion about their origin, each of these certified diamonds are microscopically engraved with a unique number via laser. In no way does this impossibly small inscription mar the gem, since it’s invisible to the naked eye. However, it leaves no doubts about the stone’s identity. No matter where the diamond travels in the world, whether to a cutter, jeweler, or consumer, the origins of a certified diamond is easily proven. The process is so exacting that it’s often possible to discover which individual mine produced the diamond. In addition, all Canadian diamonds meet the requirements for the Kimberly Process. These are diamonds that are identified as not being used to finance illicit activities, such as war. This creates a safety net for buyers who want to be certain they’re purchasing conflict free diamonds.

Environmentally conscious consumers have embraced these remarkable diamonds. Actresses and models have voiced their support for these clean stones, including Rene Russo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, and Jodie Foster. These might be the most ethically mined diamonds in history. From miner, to cutter, to jeweler, everyone who touches these diamonds is treated ethically and compensated fairly. Nature is respected and supported. No monies are used to support illicit actions. When the raw materials come from such a worthy source, it stands to reason that pride goes into the production of the finished diamond. In fact, there might be no more beautiful diamond to wear than the Canadian diamond.

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