Sell a Channel Set Diamond Ring

Channel Set Ring_2Channel Set Ring_3Channel Set Ring

Channel set engagement rings are among the trendiest pieces on the market right now. They have diamonds set into their bands on both sides of the large diamonds. This adds sparkle to a ring without setting additional diamonds on top of it, something that might make a low-key woman feel uncomfortable. A ring with this kind of band is a great compromise for someone who wants a really shiny engagement ring that nonetheless does not make a great show of wealth or look too ostentatious.

A channel set ring does not have to be more expensive than a typical engagement ring, despite the additional diamonds. The diamonds do not have to be inlaid around the entire band. In fact, it is common to have just three or four tiny round diamonds on both sides of the large diamond, leaving the rest of the band plain. The small diamonds can also be set in a way that makes them look bigger than they really are. When a round diamond is set in a square hole, it appears to fill up the entire space even when it does not. The diamonds also look bigger when the ring is made out of a light metal such as sterling silver, white gold or platinum.

A perk that is unique to channel set engagement rings is that wedding bands can be made to match. If the diamond on the engagement ring is mounted slightly forward, half of it will rest on top of the wedding band when the two rings are worn together. The rings will look like one ring with an especially thick, diamond-studded band. Wearing a ring set like this is a clever way to keep wearing the engagement ring after the wedding. The diamond setting on a typical engagement ring does not always leave adequate space for the wedding band to be worn comfortably at the same time. Having both rings designed at the same time as a set solves this problem.