Sell a Fred Meyer Jewelry Diamond Ring

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Fred Meyer Jewelry was founded in 1973 and is currently celebrating its fortieth anniversary. Its parent company is Fred Meyer, a superstore chain that was established in 1922. It is based in Portland, Oregon. The company was created by Fred G. Meyer. Fred Meyer Jewelry has grown considerably over the past four decades. Its development accelerated after 1999, when it merged with Kroger, one of the largest American grocery companies. Since then, it has merged with several other smaller jewelry companies, expanding into the midwest. Today, it is the third largest jewelry vendor in the United States, with over three hundred stores spread throughout the nation. The company has approximately three thousand employees. Its stores can be found in many different locations, including shopping malls, Fred Meyer grocer stores, Fry’s, Dillon’s, and King Sooper’s marketplace locations.

Along with many types of jewelry, the company also offers complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection services. Repair services can be purchased as well. With a wide array of products to choose from, the stores are designed to appeal to anyone who is interested in purchasing jewelry, regardless of their aesthetic tastes or financial status.

Fred Meyer Jewelry offers a large assortment of products, including bracelets, rings, diamonds, necklaces, and watches. Several different diamond shapes are featured, such as princess, marquise, round, heart, pearl, and emerald. The jewelry that the company sells is stylish, sparking, and elegant. They also have a very large selection of wedding-related items. Engagement rings, bridal party gifts, and anniversary products can all be purchased. The company is known for having prices that are lower and more affordable than high end jewelry chains. Products can be purchased either online or in store. Fred Meyer provides its customers with a lifetime guarantee for its jewelry products.

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