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Finding the perfect accessory to accent a favorite accent can be a difficult task. Even harder than that, though, is choosing a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate a special event such as an engagement or anniversary. With so many common pieces on the market today, procuring an exclusive, one-of-a-kind ornament often proves even more difficult. With JB Star jewelry, though, every piece is handcrafted in New York to offer the finest selection of custom jewels and jewelry.

About the Company
Founded in 1979, JB Star has been creating and marketing handcrafted, custom-designed jewelry ever since. Based on a premise of offering jewelry with a “passion for precision” and made as a “labor of love,” the pieces made by this company are true works of art. Also going into the creation of each piece is the time and effort to create, inspect, and analyze every item by hand. (Very few companies can say that today.) The expectation of JB jewelry is that each piece is designed as an heirloom to be passed down and cherished.

About the Collection
Every piece of jewelry designed by JB jewelers is made by hand using only the finest quality platinum, 18kt yellow gold, or 18kt pink gold. With a history in diamonds that dates over 60 years old, JB jewelry also features only the highest quality diamonds and stones. With choices ranging from rings to bracelets, pendants, and earrings, the JB collection features something for everyone. The collection also features choices of fancy color diamonds, precious color stones, and feature diamonds. In terms of engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings, the collection offers choices include single- and multi-row diamond bands, 3 stone classic diamond designs, micro pave cuts, and many more.
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JB Star jewelry offers designs and products unlike any other. With a tradition of excellence, a passion for precision, and a labor of love, the JB jewelry collection and jewelry designs speak for themselves.