Sell a Kay Jewelers Diamond Ring

Kay LogoKay Jewelers has been in operation for nearly a century. Kay started as one store located in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was founded by two brothers, Edmund and Sol Kaufman. Kay originally sold a wide variety of products, including razors and eyeglasses. The company soon narrowed its focus to jewelry sales, its bread and butter. Today, Kay is composed of over nine hundred stores. All of them are located in the United States. Kay’s current headquarters is in Akron, Ohio. Today, it is a division of the highly successful United Kingdom jewelry company Signet Jewelers. Kay is part of the largest specialty jewelry retailer in North America. The company’s stores can frequently be found in shopping malls around the nation.

The company offers wedding and engagement rings, diamonds, and watches. Kay Jewelers also sells many gold and silver products, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and charms. Customers can choose to design their own ring, ensuring that they will get the exact specifications that they desire. The company offers a significant selection of products to view and purchase on their website. If a customer finds that there is no Kay in his or her area, they can order the product they desire online and have it shipped to them. However, with so many locations nationwide, at least one Kay store is usually only a few miles away from most populated areas.

Kay Jewelers is also known for its philanthropy. It has a longstanding relationship with St. Jude’s, a research hospital that seeks to provide treatment for children affected by cancer and other serious illnesses. Kay also contributes to the American Diabetes Association and Jewelers for Children. The company has a socially responsible culture, emphasizing environmentally safe products and ethical labor conditions.

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