Sell a Le Vian Bridal Diamond Ring

Le Vian Bridal LogoLe Vian is a jewelry brand that is known for its glamorous designs. These pieces are colorful and meticulously crafted. The company was founded by Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian, who was born in Persia. His heritage can be seen in the brand’s liberal use of gemstones like turquoise and tanzanite. Le Vian was one of the first brands to begin using the now-ubiquitous chocolate diamonds.

The genius is Le Vian Bridal is its ability to make any kind of colored gem look at home on an engagement ring. Other brands feature such stones in their jewelry all the time, but only Le Vian Bridal is able to do this and still create pieces that are undeniably engagement rings. The brand pioneered coordinated sets of engagement and wedding rings that fit together seamlessly. Its designers are not content to place two rings with flat edges next to each other and call them complementary. The rings meet along curved lines or overlap to create one ring with an intricate crisscrossed pattern.

Unusual metals are another hallmark of this brand. It is not uncommon for its designers to produce bridal sets made out of bright pink gold or gold that is so yellow it almost looks like bronze. A platinum band might have chocolate diamonds inlaid along its entire circumference. These details are meant to be visible, not blur together into one nondescript pale diamond sparkle.

The rings are not often topped with traditional diamond settings. The closest this brand comes to bridal convention is mounting a diamond on top of a band and surrounding that diamond with a halo of contrasting stones. The rings do not usually come with the diamonds already mounted on top of them. Instead, the mounts are empty. This allows a bride to choose exactly which stone she wants to wear on her finger every day for the rest of her life. This attention to detail and respect for individuality speak to the brand’s unique perspective.

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