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Brilliance, beauty, and grace describe a diamond, the hardest substance on earth, and one of the most valuable. For over fifty years, Leo Schachter Diamonds have been in the forefront of the diamond industry. As a young man, Leo Schachter learned the craft of diamond cutting from his father. As the years passed, his passion grew and in 1952 he began his own diamond business along with sixteen other artisans. This endeavor led to an advancement of diamond cutting technology and by 1990 he had developed such accurate cutting that the amount of diamond dust lost in the process was considerably reduced allowing for larger carat size. In 2000 his diamonds were the first to be measured and certified to be visibly more brilliant. The sixty-six facet cut captures more light offering superior radiance. With precision cutting and matchless brilliance, each piece of jewelry becomes a distinctive piece of art.

Every diamond that emerges as a Leo Diamond is handcrafted to showcase the exquisite beauty that only an expert diamantaire can render. Clarity, color and carat weight are important ratings for a diamond, but it is the cut that makes it honestly stunning. The diamond cutters at Leo’s have a minimum of twenty years of experience and understand the uniqueness of the patented cut, making their diamonds shine brighter than others of the same grade. With such expertise, it is no wonder that people worldwide want to show their love by presenting a Leo Diamond.

Diamonds are the world’s most beautiful gems, but they can come through conflict and misery. Leo Schachter guarantees his diamonds to be conflict free and is a participant in the Kimberley Certification Process. The ethics of the company expand outward to its employees by regarding them with respect and consideration and revolve its business model around integrity. This company also offers commitment to the communities from which their diamonds are mined and tenders charitable contributions towards education, healthcare and other necessities. Schachter’s family has continued the fine tradition started by patriarch, Leo, and plans to continue presenting the world with some of the finest diamonds. Through integrity, exquisite cutting and grading, Leo Schachter Diamonds will remain one of the best diamond companies from which to make such an important purchase.
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