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Martin Flyer is an American jewelry company formed in 1945 by the man who gave his name to the firm.  Martin Flyer was the quintessential Jeweler of the New York fashion scene, founding his firm in the Bowery district of New York and eventually expanding it into a 10,000-square-foot Manhattan headquarters leading a company renowned for exceptional quality and top-notch customer service.  Today his third-generation descendants, Gary and Alan Flyer, are the owner and IT Executive respectively.

The company’s success is based on the fact that their line puts elegant, stylish jewelry within reach of the average consumer.  Rather than concentrating on high-end clientele who comprise only a small percentage of the market, Flyer has cultivated a loyal following by putting its products into as many hands as possible, achieving a reputation far wider than many of their more exclusive competitors.

However, rather than making gaudy pieces for a pedestrian clientele, this company has undertaken to educate the public in the finer points of jewelry styles and quality, then supply their newly-educated customers with sophisticated merchandise.  The company has divided all its bridal and engagement rings into five simple types: Solitaire, Three Stone, Channel, Shared Prong and Micropave.  All stones are Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut Diamonds, and the rings and settings are either platinum or 18k gold.  Everything possible has been done to introduce the novice to the world of fine jewelry and help them make an informed choice.

In addition to its bridal selection, Martin Flyer has a Fashion Jewelry Division producing creations for all occasions.  The line is filled with beautifully designed pieces highlighting the reflectiveness of the gems for maximum visual effect.  Dense pave settings and clusters surrounded by gleaming white metal are guaranteed eye-catchers.  The styles are elegant and traditional with an Old World beauty that leaves experimentation to other designers.

Shoppers looking for big savings on pieces of rare beauty are encouraged to consider this outstanding collection.

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