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Neil Lane Jewelry was founded in Los Angeles the designer, Neil Lane himself, when he opened a booth to design, sell and collect jewelry. Twenty years later, he has become world renown for his elegant and timeless collections.

Neil Lane’s fascination with fine jewelry began at a young age when he would find and collect bits of colored glass and other appealing trinkets from the streets of his home town of Brooklyn. This child’s hobby turned into a passion for the arts, nature, colors and treasures. He originally wanted to be an artist. However, after attending college in New York, jewelry design piqued his interest. He followed his heart to Paris where he cultivated his love of jewels and the arts, broadening his experience and education. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and opened a modest booth to begin designing and selling his one-of-a-kind creations.

Famous for his vintage, worldly stylen Neil’s work is inspired by jewelry and art from societies past, blending old world elegance with modern flare. His fame naturally blossomed in Los Angeles as Hollywood entered a new and dazzling age of glamor. His booth, and eventually his shop,  became a sensation with customers searching for that unique vintage brilliance. Soon the stars of the red carpet were taking notice of Lane’s gleaming handiwork. Renee Zellweger walked into his shop one day and asked to borrow some jewels. The very next night, she won her first Golden Globe and shouted a thanks to Neil Lane while wearing the borrowed jewels. Today, his creations are worn and loved by a great number of elegant celebrities including Charlize Theron, Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie.

The timeless style of Neil Lane jewelry makes each piece an absolute treasure. His style melds together vintage elegance and modern flare. His creations are considered fine works of art and are to be cherished from one generation to the next like the priceless old world treasures that inspired their design.
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