Sell a Pave Set Diamond Ring

Pave Set Ring_2Pave Set Ring_3Pave Set Ring

Pave diamond rings are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever created. The rings have small beads to hold the stones into the setting, giving the appearance that the diamonds are standing freely on the band. The light is filtered through on each side for a brilliant sparkling effect.  A hot new trend is micro Pave, which uses stones from 0.50 mm to 1.2 mm; a ring will often contain hundreds of these stones, making a stunningly beautiful design.

Named from the French word for “paved”, the stones are set extremely close together so that little or no metal is seen. This style of diamond setting goes back to the earliest days of jewelry making. It was created in the middle ages, and was the most popular type of setting in the first half of the 20th century. Pave has maintained its popularity through the generations; all types of jewelry wearers love this tradition because the encrusted diamonds look like the band is literally made of diamonds.

Celebrities love Pave rings and often choose them for their engagement sets. Natalie Portman’s fiancé proposed with a round diamond surrounded by Pave diamonds; Jennifer Hudson‘s five carat engagement ring has a round center stone and a micro-Pave band; Brittney Spears wears a three carat round diamond set in a Pave band.

The princess cut and the round shape are the most popular shapes of Pave diamond rings. The simplest design is a band with a single row of diamonds and a center stone. The band is created to work with the width of the diamonds. Wide band designs without center stones are ideal for men, making them good for engagement rings.

As wedding trends change, so do engagement rings, but Pave remains timeless. People who enjoy wearing all kinds of jewelry continue to love the distinctive bling of Pave.