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Since 1987, Precision Set has been designing, producing and retailing their jewellery with the studious care and service that exemplifies the kind of excellence and professionalism one can only expect to receive from established artisans in the field. Every piece is crafted to be comfortable, fit securely and guaranteed to last.

The Extraordinary Collection, which showcases the majesty of large and arrestingly radiant center stones, is a fantastic example of the adept handiwork and dedication to quality Precision Set is known for. Between the sophisticated compositional execution of the settings and the tasteful accents of rose and yellow gold, it’s easy to see why this collection is considered the companies paramount Endeavour.

For those pursing a more modern selection, they need look no further than the newly debuted New Aire Collection. A sleek and remarkably wearable line of engagement designs; they are specifically modeled to transition easily between formal and relaxed atmospheres. This collection is highlighted with well balanced combinations of clean, contemporary settings and subtle embellishments that would suit even the most active of lifestyles.

Still to explore is the versatility of The FlushFit Collection and the Classic Bands Collection. A partnership in beauty, these two exclusive collections have been masterfully executed to stand out as singular statement pieces, or alternatively, to complement each other in a variety of perfectly fitted pairs or groupings. Crafted of the highest quality precious metals, pieces from the Classic Bands Collection can be worn together in multiples, as an individual accent piece or nestled with one of the many exquisite rings from the FlushFit and Petit FlushFit Collections.  These collections are only a small segment of the total offerings has in the company.
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