Sell a Solitaire Set Diamond Ring

Solitaire Set Ring_2Solitaire Set Ring_3Solitaire Set Ring
When shopping for an engagement ring, one of the most important elements to consider is the setting, which is how the stone fits on the band. The solitaire setting, as the name implies, contains only one gem. This classic setting can be customized to any number of price points based on the size and type of jewel. Along with the metal for the band and the size of the stone, keep the following in mind when making a decision.

While many cultures have engagement rings, the tradition of putting a gemstone in the ring is most prevalent in English speaking countries. In the early half of the twentieth century, diamonds became popular in America in part due to aggressive marketing campaigns by De Beers. Due to the clarity and light reflecting properties of diamonds, they are particularly suited to a solitaire setting. Tiffany and Company designed a special cut and mount in the 1920s which has become the standard of the engagement ring. There is some dispute as to whether or not their setting is trademarked; they are currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Costco regarding the latter’s use of “Tiffany mount” when describing rings.

Despite its historical connotation with diamonds, modern solitaire engagement rings come in many varieties. Gemstones are an easy way to personalize engagement rings. A favorite jewel or color will not only be unique but will match with many things in her closet. For a romantic, personal touch, try a birthstone. There are also numerous cuts to choose from. Among the most popular are princess cut, marquis and emerald cut. Different gems favor different cuts, so be sure to remember that just because one cut looks perfect on one stone does not mean it will be suit another. Solitaire rings are endlessly customizable, and there will always be one to suit your needs.