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John B. Young and Charles Lewis Tiffany founded Tiffany & Co. in the 1830s. This business is currently headquartered in New York City with retail stores located in other countries including Great Britain, Brazil and Australia. The company has a primary focus of selling quality jewelry such as necklaces, watches and rings for both women and men. Additional products sold in its brick-and-mortar or online stores include fragrances, crystal, china and sterling silver. The company has a reputation for selling luxurious jewelry with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Actresses Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman frequently wear this company’s jewelry to special events.

The current leader at Tiffany & Co. is Michael Kowalski who is constantly developing innovative ideas while maintaining the company’s traditional goals. One of the company’s first employees was George Frederick Kunz, a trained gemologist who set important standards within the United States for measuring fine metals and gemstones. Over the years, British royalty and world leaders have worn this retailer’s jewelry items. Most jewelry found at this company’s brick-and-mortar and online stores is exclusively designed and manufactured. For many years, the full color catalog was provided to customers each year to assist in selecting jewelry such as wedding rings.

The retail outlets operated by Tiffany & Co. are frequently featured in movies or television shows because the company has become a household name. Its popularity has also led to the company’s name being used in novels and songs. Billboard, magazine and television advertisements concerning the retailer’s quality jewelry are featured year-round to encourage shopping. In the past, many shoppers considered the company’s jewelry too expensive. However, after the poor economy during the 1990s the retailer began to offer budget priced items such as engagement rings, bracelets and necklaces. The superb artisanship and enduring beauty of this company’s jewelry has led to its success.

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