Sell an ULTRA Diamonds Diamond Ring

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Ultra Diamonds was founded in 1991 by Daniel H. Marks. Marks founded the company with 28 years of experience as a third generation jeweler. The objective of the business was to provide off market pricing, allowing customers high quality jewelry at affordable prices. Ultra Diamonds chose to locate their stores in outlet malls where the low-cost high-volume business could flourish. Due to this marketing strategy, one can find one of the 102 stores at many outlet malls and value centers across the United States. Shoppers may also purchase product through their licensed jewelry departments and online.

Ultra Diamonds has several of their own specialty lines of jewelry for shoppers to choose from. Famous American jeweler Neil Lane is the creative mind behind two of these lines, Neil Lane Designs and Neil Lane Bridal. These lines provide elegant well designed jewelry for a lower cost, providing joy for that special occasion and perhaps a longtime family heirloom. Neil Lane Bridal also allows for the designing a one-of-a-kind piece for that special event. Neil Lane has designed rings worn by celebrities such as Nicole Ritchie and Jennifer Hudson.

Another jewelry line in the stores is Love’s Embrace, which is an exquisite collection of sterling silver and diamond jewelry at affordable prices. Also, Le Vian chocolatier makes designs using the now popular chocolate diamonds and many other gorgeous gemstones from all colors of the rainbow. Open Hearts by Jane Seymore is yet another line of simply designed, amazingly beautiful pieces done by the actress herself. Finally, the Charmed Memories collection line allows for the design of that specific piece for that special someone. Handcrafted in Italy, each piece is simply art itself.

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