Sell a Weisfield Jewelers Diamond Ring

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Since 1917, Weisfield Jewelers has been committed to providing top quality jewelry. Weisfield Jewelers offers jewelry created by some of the world’s most renowned designers, such as Neil Lane and Tolkowsky, and sells the exclusive Leo Diamond. Each store also has its own diamond specialist who evaluates each gem sold and measures fire, sparkle and brilliance. With this commitment to excellence, it’s easy to see why Weisfield Jewelers is a leader in the making and selling of fine jewelry.

Weisfield Jewelers allows you to create your own account on their website to make payments on jewelry you’ve purchased, as well as browse the online catalog for additional pieces. You can apply for credit, request refunds online, download coupons for jewelry cleaning and repairs, and make exchanges. You can also contact Weisfield Jewelers online or find your nearest store to shop in person.

Weisfield Jewelers is also committed to ethical business practices. They thoroughly investigate the sources of their diamonds and other gems. They are devoted to fair trade and protecting human rights. Their business is certified as a fair trade dealer, and they also certify every piece of jewelry sold.

Weisfield Jewelers sells the exclusive Leo Diamond, the first diamond certified to be brighter than the standard. Every Leo Diamond ring sold comes with a proof of purchase certificate to ensure you have bought a true Leo Diamond. In store specialists will also help you evaluate jewelry and determine the quality of gems and diamonds. The result is that you are sure to purchase a unique and beautifully made piece of jewelry.

For engagement rings, wedding bands, watches and other forms of jewelry, Weisfield Jewelers is a great option. Their commitment to excellence and specially made products are a winning combination.

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