Sell a Zales Diamond Ring

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Known as “the diamond store,” Zales has been one of the leading jewelry retailers in America for decades. Founded in 1924 in Texas, the store became first known for its marketing campaign directed toward working-class people. Their goal was to make fine jewelry more affordable for people with average incomes, and they provided incremental payment options to encourage customers to buy. Their commitment to make jewelry affordable can still be seen in some of their “brilliant value” pieces which often include lab-created gemstones to help keep costs down.

Their success became evident as the company grew and expanded. These days, the corporation has stores in malls all over North America. The stores are especially well-known for selling quality diamond wedding and engagement jewelry, though they also provide other gemstones and jewelry styles for other occasions including promise rings, family rings, anniversary bands and class rings. Though respected for their quality across the spectrum, engagement rings are definitely their staple. In 2013, Zales partnered with Iberostar Hotels and Resorts to sponsor a contest to award creative and romantic marriage proposals. Prizes included their engagement rings.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches are also part of the merchandise one can find at Zales, which also has a “design your own” jewelry feature online. There you can choose from thousands of loose diamonds, pick a setting and create your own design. The company is also known for its exclusive collections such as Celebration, Vera Wang and their creative “Candy Colored Diamond” collection which highlights yellow, champagne, blue, black and other less traditional diamond colors as well as colorful gemstones. The creative ad campaign for this collection showcases jewels inside an old-fashioned gumball machine and refers to jewels as “an indulgent treat.”

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Theo Killion has been the company CEO since 2010. In 2013, he won the “A Better Chance DreamBuilder Award” given to leaders known for helping young people get ahead in education and business.