What Your Jewelry Says About Your Retirement Account

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Your jewelry says a good bit about your retirement account when you stop working. You carry three different types of jewelry with you once you retire. You have sentimental jewelry pieces that have been with you for many years. These jewelry pieces may not be expensive, but they mean something to you. You carry expensive jewelry pieces that are heirlooms in your family, and you have jewelry pieces that are rarely worn.

Choose Wisely
What you wear says something about your retirement account, and you must be certain to dress properly when you are no longer working. The most expensive jewelry you own is only worn when you are sure that it can be replaced. Your sentimental jewelry is worn every day, and you may wear that jewelry because you prefer not to wear anything that is too expensive.

Feel Free To Wear Something Nice
You may wear your most expensive jewelry every day if you choose, or you may keep the jewelry tucked away to give to your grandchildren. The most shrewd grandparents will keep their expensive jewelry away from prying eyes for their grandchildren, and you may create family heirlooms that will last for centuries in your family.

You must use your sentimental jewelry every day even if you have a large retirement account. You may wear just one expensive piece of jewelry with your sentimental jewelry, and you will show the world that you have something nice to wear. You are not overdressing yourself, but you are adding elegance to your wardrobe at the same time.

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