Where can I Sell a Diamond

We think that The Diamond Lining is your best option when selling a Diamond, but we are not your only choice. Compare us to your other options and we are confident that we will come out on top.

Selling a Diamond on Craigslist

Craigslist is a pretty popular way to try to sell a diamond ring, but it definitely has it’s drawbacks. One is the amount of time it takes. Even if your ad gets a lot of responses, they might not be serious. In some extreme and sad cases, you might get robbed. If you do get a lot of interested parties, you will end up driving all over town meeting people in Starbucks or other public places, and they might not be serious buyers. We have a lot of people who use our service after trying and failing to sell their ring on Craigslist.

Selling a Diamond to a Pawn Shop

This is the first place that many people think to sell their ring to, but a Pawn Shop definitely has it’s drawbacks. Pawn Shops are not diamond experts, so they often mis-grade your diamond or don’t really know what they are looking at. That means that they will offer you less than the fair market value for your ring. Also, it isn’t a lot of peoples dream to spend time in Pawn Shops negotiating with Pawn Brokers. finally, you have to consider who a pawn shop will ultimately sell the ring to, and how much money they will make. The typical pawn shop buyer isn’t looking to pay full price for a ring, so that definitely adjusts how much the Pawn Shop can pay you.

Selling a Diamond to an Individual

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to have to sell your ring to someone who isn’t a diamond expert. It makes the whole transaction more complicate, and you end up having to educate them about diamonds, which isn’t a fun process. You might end up with a low price, or a bad check, or a buyer who strings you along and can’t really afford the diamond ring when all is said and done.

Selling a Diamond back to a Jewelry Store

Jewelry stores are in the business of selling love, not heartbreak, so they don’t usually buy rings. Some stores will offer you store credit for the diamond, which is a great option if you don’t need the cash, or are simply looking to get another piece of jewelry that you will actually wear. If that is the case then contact the store where you purchased the ring is definitely worth a try.

Selling a Diamond Ring in Your City

It is possible to sell your Diamond Ring in your city or town, but the feedback that we have received from customers is that it is exceedingly difficult. The problem with Selling a Diamond Ring is that it is a high value item, and it is rare. although Diamonds are thought of as a commodity, it isn’t the same as a car or a house. You can have two different 1.5 carat diamond solitaire rings that are totally different. The odds of finding an individual who lives near you who is looking for the exact ring that you are selling is very slim. Layer on top of that negotiating on price and the appraisal to prove the accuracy of the ring and it quickly becomes a nightmare. Most Jewelry stores are not in the business of buying rings, only selling them, so that is not an option. There might be a diamond specialist in your area, but that presents a pricing problem. If they are reselling the ring to people in your area as well, they aren’t going to be able to offer you the best price, because of there limited market.

Selling a Ring Online

To maximize the value of your ring it is best to sell you Diamond Ring online. Foremost, online buyers operate in larger scale than local buyers, which means that they can get a better price when selling your ring, which translates into a better price for you, the seller. Websites don’t have the overhead of a retail location, which means that their costs are lower, again allowing them to pay you more for your ring. And if they are anything like us, The Diamond Lining, they work with a variety of outlets to sell the ring, so we are really able to maximize the value of each ring. some people deal with smaller stones, or uniquely cut stones, and we have relationships with a variety of people in all of these categories, so we are able to make you a very high offer for your ring, because we have specialists interested in specifically your ring, whatever size, cut and quality it might be.