Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring?

Overview of Selling a Diamond Ring:

The fact of the matter is that it is a heck of a lot easier for a consumer to buy a diamond ring than to sell one. There are quite a few large national chain diamond stores, and many jewelry boutiques that specialize in diamonds, not to mention Fred Meyer Jewelers and Blue Nile, the online retailer. These stores offer consumers a great variety of diamonds and settings, and many offer excellent customer service and can be a wonderful part of the engagement process, but they are in the love business, and they won’t buy your ring back from you if you marriage doesn’t happen to work out. This means that consumers don’t have nearly the opportunity to sell their diamond ring that they had when they were buying. The most common methods of selling a ring are either selling it to another consumer, or to a pawn shop. Neither of these are good or efficient options, and that is why we created The Diamond Lining.

A Little About The Diamond Lining

The Advantage of Selling a Diamond Ring to The Diamond Lining:

In addition to being fast, safe and secure, our knowledge of the diamond industry and the specialization of our business is our biggest advantage.

We deal with hundreds of diamond rings on a regular basis, so we can offer you the best price possible. The size of our operation allows us to work with big companies in the diamond industry, this results in a much more lucrative offer from The Diamond Lining than from a Pawn Shop.

Furthermore, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you sell you ring to The Diamond Lining, you won’t have to quit your job in order to meet people all over town who responded to your craigslist advertisement.