Who Buys Diamonds

There are a couple of different options for consumers who are looking to sell their diamond rings, but none more safe, convenient and profitable than The Diamond Lining. If you want to Sell a Diamond, look no further! Of course, The Diamond Lining is the only diamond buyer. We will offer you a great price for your diamond, and even better service, but if you are looking for other options to sell your stone, you could try to find a consumer who is intersted in buying it, or find a local pawn shop. Aside from using our service, these are the two most common methods to sell your stone.

Selling a Diamond Ring to Another Consumer:

Finding another consumer who is in the market for the exact thing you are selling is a pretty challenging task (that’s why jewelry stores have such a big variety of diamonds and settings in stock!). It isn’t impossible, but it is a time consuming task to find a consumer interested in your diamond ring, not to mention you have to be able to convince them that the diamond is real, and actually make the transaction. Get ready for a time consuming and frustrating experience if this is the route you want to take. Websites like, and make this a little easier, but it will still take a long time to sell the ring.

Many of our customers try to sell their ring unsuccessfully before they decide to use our service. We have heard some pretty painful stories about driving all over town to meet potential buyers only to have no one show up.

Selling a Diamond Ring to a Pawn Shop:

Pawn shops are another venue that people often visit when trying to sell an engagement ring. They have cash on hand and will usually make you an offer immediately, which is a big plus for someone looking to sell. Most pawn shops are reputable and safe establishments, but not all of them. There is still an element in the industry that is less than trustworthy.

The biggest problem when selling to a pawn shop is the lack of diamond knowledge. These individuals can certainly tell a real diamond from a cubic zirconium, but that doesn’t mean they understand the nuances of the cut of the diamond. This means that their offer could be well below the value of your diamond.

Don’t waste any more time visiting pawn shops or posting ads on craigslist. Sell your old engagement ring to a diamond expert ina fast safe and profitable transaction. To get the most money possible for your old diamond engagement or wedding ring, fill out the following information.