Why Can’t I Just Return My Diamond To The Jewelry Store

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There are many reasons why many jewelry stores do not accept returns of any diamonds. There are many reasons for this and you must make sure you read the store’s refund policy before you buy any diamond. You do not want to end up in a big disappointment. The most you will probably get is an exchange. If you are hoping for a full cash refund, you may end up very upset, because most will not give it to you.

When jewelry stores do not let you return any diamonds to them, what this means is that once you buy it is yours. They do not know what has happened to the diamond after is has came out of their hands. This is their way of not losing any money. That is why most of the stores will offer you an exchange rather than a refund because they do not want to lose money. They make big profits when they sell their jewelry. As always, you just must do the smart thing and either ask them about their return policy, read it before you buy it. In case something may happen to the diamond, you still will have an option left. You just want to make yourself aware of it, so you do not feel like you have wasted any of your money in the long run. On top of the exchanges they may give, some jewelry stores only offer these exchanges for a limited time only. Do be careful , and watch out for these type of stores. Make sure they can offer some kind of warranty if that is the case.