Why Sell A Diamond Online?

Selling your old engagement ring or wedding ring can be a difficult emotional proposition, but selling it online will ensure that the transaction is safe, quick and that you receive the most money for your ring. Selling your ring is hard enough, but save yourself the hassle of dealing with a pawn shop owner, or an eBay scammer and deal directly with a diamond expert with access to the global diamond market. Selling online has all of the advantages of modern eCommerce for you to take advantage of.


You can sell your ring to The Diamond Lining without leaving the comfort of your own home. Rather than posting an add on craigslist or ebay and having to email and potentially meet people you don’t know all over town, by selling your ring on The Diamond Lining, you can safely and securely sell you ring. Don’t worry about Pawn Shops and being robbed; with our secure shipping and robust insurance policy, selling online offers you both security and piece of mind.


Selling your ring to The Diamond Lining can take as little as a week! From the time you submit the Ring Seller Form to the time you deposit our check. Don’t deal with pawn brokers or take a day off work to try to find someone locally to buy your ring. Sell you ring quickly with The Diamond Lining. We can move as quickly as you want, in a low pressure environment. Tell us a little about your diamond and we will get back to you by the next day with an offer for your ring.


We have access to national and international diamond markets, so we can ensure that you receive the best price for your stone. Furthermore, as a website without a retail location, our overhead is lower, and we pass that savings on to you. We can offer you top dollar for your ring because we don’t have the overhead that most brick and mortar businesses have, and that means more cash in your pocket.


Request a free, non binding quote for your diamond ring any time, day or night. Sell your ring on your schedule, from the comfort of your own living room. There is no more convenient method of selling a diamond than online.


The Diamond Lining strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Due to our diligence and procedures, we have never had any issue with a ring being sent to us, and our customers have always received their check in an accurate and timely manner. We take extreme caution to make sure that our process is secure, and our flawless record speaks for itself.

Remember, Tell us a little information and you can have cash in your hand in a week!