Why You Shouldn’t Date Until the Divorce is Finalized

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After going through painful separation and the proceedings of a divorce, many people want to get back out there and start dating again. While no one should be begrudged happiness after a divorce, it is not necessarily a great idea to date until your divorce is actually finalized.

Getting a divorce, no matter what the reasons or how amicable the split may have been, is a hard thing for anyone to experience. Most of us enter a marriage truly believing it to be forever and getting a divorce means admitting that, at least for the two of you, this isn’t the case.

There is a healing and grieving processes that we all have to go through when a marriage fails. Even when we are happy to be divorced and want to move on, it takes time to heal and to really become yourself again, in a way that allows you to open up genuinely to another person. We all have sadness, anger, or some form of emotion to deal with at the end of a relationship.

Another reason to avoid dating until the divorce is finalized is that it can lead to some unpleasant conversations and dashed hopes and dates. Telling someone you are technically still married on the first date is not the best icebreaker or way to be asked out a second time. Most people prefer dating those who are not legally still bound to another person, even if it is in just name alone.

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